PT Adaro Indonesia

Information of Adaro Indonesia (AI)

Tanjung regency of South Kalimantan province, Indonesia

Calorific value: 4000 - 4900 Kcal/Kg (gar)  from its three coal mines : Paringin, Tutupan and Wara

Sulphur: 0.09 - 0.11%

Ash: 1.7-1.9%

325 MUSD

1. 163.50 MUSD as 1st Injection on November 2016 

2. 161.50 MUSD as 2nd Injection from 2022 to 2027

PT Adaro Indonesia’s coal is a sub - bituminous coal that known as one of the cleanest fossil fuels in the world, hence trademarked internationally as Envirocoal.

Approximately 50 million tons/year

Project Location

General Information

Coal Properties

EGATi Investment Value

Production volume

Proportion of Shares

EGATi: 11.533% and Companies under Adaro Energy 88.467%

Area Size

33,000 hectares

EGAT International Co.,Ltd.

53 Moo 2 Charansanitwong Rd. Bang Kruai


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