EGAT International Company Limited (EGATi) is committed to good business practices conforming to International business standards and endeavors to promote not only economic but also social and environmental development, the three pillars of sustainable development identified by the 2005 World Summit on Social Development. EGATi conducts business with good governance and transparency, and strictly follows the laws and regulations of the country of investment. In addition, when projects require involvement with the local community, EGATi takes great care to respect their identities and rights. We are committed to cultural preservation of such communities while helping improve their economic status. Environmentally,






EGATi follows international environmental standards by conducting all required assessment studies and acquiring approval of legitimate authorities before commencing investment, ensuring that we play our role in sustainably preserving the environment.

EGATi jointly invested Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project (NNP1) in Lao PDR is our initial project and will demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development. EGATi has held main responsibility for the social and environmental work, which commenced in 2006. By strictly following environmental laws and regulations of the Laotian Ministry of Natural Resources, NNP1 was environmentally approved and received the Environmental Compliance Certificate in 2012. In addition to Lao PDR regulations, NNP1 follows the Safeguard Policy Statement (SPS) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which has very strict standards for assessment of sustainable development plans and impact on the environment and local communities, especially indigenous groups. After eight years of meticulous study, NNP1 is now SPS-compliant, having reached financial closure with ADB in 2014.

While it is our mission to import electricity back to Thailand for the stability of the Thai power system, for any country that EGATi invests in, we are also committed to supporting their economic, social and environmental development in a sustainable manner.

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